by Sky Written

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released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Sky Written Waterloo, Ontario

What was once two very different musical entities, has now been fused together to create an intense musical force otherwise known as "Sky Written". This project is comprised of members' previous bands, Bound by Origins and Cautionary Visionary. Both previous bands were completely different on a musical scale which makes the sound of this new project really interesting. ... more

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Track Name: Oneiric
I have been awake for so long, troubled by re-occurring thoughts
of people who've lost their minds, trying to outlive their unconscious lives.

It's been days and days and still I cannot fathom the depth of it all,
eyes closed, you go through the motions, but know not, the meaning.

Scratching at the walls, screaming from the inside (the end has not come)
Scratching at the walls, screaming from the inside (i am awake)

Fatigue turns to decay and it all fades away.
What have I become? what depths have I sunk to?

This has become so much more than what hides in your mind's eye,
this has become the turning of the tides.

Your mind is a prisoner to the walk of insomnia,
we are living but we have not seen the light of our days.

Some choose sleep, but I am awake in this nightmare.
Some choose to sleep and to dream but we all return to the darkness.

Eyes wide open to see, a world of delusion.

Your mind is a prisoner to the walk of insomnia,
we are living but we have not seen the light of our days.

I'm torn between what is real and a dream.
Don't fall asleep, don;t lose reality.

All we have is our sanity, don't let it escape you,
Wake up
Track Name: Nescience
I have encapsulated four dimensions, but we are strapped into the earth.
Look around yourself.

This was never put into the spotlight, and the prophecy has written itself.
So look around, and see that nothing is the way that it was.

Your establishment of emptiness will fall to the ground.
You turn a blind eye to the world that revolves around you.

Our suffering is parallel with everything that you've created,
eons pass and you remain faithful to your hate.

Leader of nothing, king of dirt.
You reach for the greatest heights and fall from the towers you've built.

Our darkest times are brought upon us simply through a negligence to understand. Black masks of diplomacy hide the face behind the shadow.

You are no leader. Open your feeble mind.
Breathe it in, take in the apparitions - that stand - here before you.

There is a realm of knowledge beyond anything you've ever known.
Open your mind. But you cannot embrace it. You cannot embrace it.

You are no leader, you are no leader.

It's just beyond your sight. It's just out of reach.
But every move you make is covered by the smoke and mirrors.

Open your mind
Track Name: Athanasia
Transcend time, trace the lines,
back to the stars that you came from.

Here in these dark times, the world we knew,
has fallen captive to the feelings we hide.

Architects of a new design, Bring forth traces of an ever-present kind.
Words of ancients and of the future have changed into human form.

Skies open and light is dawned upon the door to another state of being.
I will walk among generations of beings undiscovered.

I will walk with life, walk with life unveiled.
I will walk with a never-ending thirst for the unknown.

A lifetime of hunting to become the true immortal.
This is the purpose.

Now the sun will swallow the earth, and leave desperation in its wake.
Leave this place, and I will watch the stars collide.

Leave this place, and your mortality.

Transcend time, trace the lines back to the stars that you came from.
I will thrive.

Transcend the time, transcend the lines back home.
Personify the beginning and the end and seek to thrive.

I have personified the beginning and the end,
the final chapters' penned with the words in my head.

Now I will thrive, with eyes too blind to see,
Beyond the sun. I will thrive
Track Name: Viatori
We are the oracles of the void we've become.
Encounter the unknown and embrace it as your own.

I am but a mortal man, though my roots stretch beyond this earth.

I am the oak, and I am the water, though my grasp is beyond this world.
Depart from the soil, and take the greater form.

We become the vessels of a new human kind.
We become the dawn of a second existence.

An other worldly regime sets fire to our skies.
It will become all that we know.

We must build bridges to another existence, leave the desolate behind.
Long has it been foretold, the story of the departure.

Long has it been anticipated, the life within the machine.
We must become a rising sun. We must become a rising sun, and start again.

and I will see a coming age.
we must become a rising sun and start again.

Beyond the blinding light, there is only the turning of gears, and the beings that we've created